Greyhound Traps

PFM Machinery & Fabrication Ltd. manufactures a diverse and versatile range of steel products, including all requirements for animal sports. Pictured are dog traps manufactured and installed for the Irish...


Horse Walkers

PFM Machinery & Fabrication Ltd has the capability to construct a horse walker suitable for your needs and your budget. Our ELITE walker is an overhead automatic horse walker. It is...


PFM Machinery & Fabrication Ltd are currently manufacturing turf-cutting machines.

Turf hoppers of any size made to order, including power tracked hoppers or wheeled hoppers


Wide pads to made to fit any machine. Removable pads that can simply bolt on for the turf cutting season and bolt of at the end of the season.


Widening and lengthening of the undercarriage can be carried out at our workshop.

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